Good morning, dear reader,
I hope you are up to something pleasant at the moment. Even if it is just a cup of delicious coffee during a break at work which is stressing you out. Things always change for better if we want them to, remember that. 


Hello Spring 2021! I am so happy spring is here with its sunny days and blooming trees. And I am so happy to experience it. I feel very excited for all of the wonderful events upcoming summer is about to bring. But I am also as much excited about the process of preparation that I am going through right now.
These are the first photographs that we took after the lockdown had finished for us. I can't wait for more walks around the spring city and taking photos for the blog.
Stay with me. 


Today I will be listing my most favourite bakeries in Antibes: places for the best croissants, baguettes and pastry.

Сегодня я буду рассказывать о своих самых любимых пекарнях в Антибе: местах, где можно найти лучшие круассаны, багеты и выпечку.

Beaches of Antibes

Today I will be listing the main beaches of Antibes. All of them are completely different from each other. I recommend seeing them all! Tell me in the comments below if you've been to Antibes and have your own favorite beach.

Сегодня я буду перечислять основные пляжи Антиба. Все они разные и я рекомендую увидеть их все. Пишите в комментариях, были ли вы в Антибе и есть ли у вас свой любимый пляж.


Today I am sharing my favourite recipe for cinnamon rolls. They turn out perfect every time. Try yourself and you'll see! 😉

Сегодня я делюсь своим любимым рецептом булочек с корицей. Они выходят идеально каждый раз. Попробуйте сами и убедитесь! 😉

Things to do in Antibes

Текст на русском языке читайте ниже. 👇🏼😊

I've received many messages asking for advice about Antibes, French Riviera and local activities.
I wasn't born here but I've fallen in love with the place and spent here so much time, I feel my advice could actually be helpful.
So what can you do in Antibes?

Hotel Review: Sina Centurion Palace, Venice

Hello my dear reader,
Finally I am here, ready to share with you my experience of staying at Sina Centurion Palace in Venice. I love weekend trips. They always cheer up my mood, create new memories and leave me dreaming for the whole following week. I am already back to the French Riviera but my mind is still romantic remembering those dinners with a view on Venice canals.
Our hotel had gorgeous interior design. I have tried to capture the way my room looked like. A large terrace with a breathtaking view was a pleasant surprise. However, what has amazed us most of all was dining at Antinoo's Lounge & Restaurant. The cuisine is truly divine and the service is excellent. We will never forget how friendly and helpful was our waiter. 
This time in Venice I understood how important is the choice of accommodation. It influences the whole impression of the city. Thanks to our stay in Sina Centurion Palace I fell in love with Venice. Waking up to a view of the Grand Canal and calmly having breakfast watching gondolas passing by - means truly experiencing Venice.