City Vibes

Showing you my look of the day and sharing some latest thoughts. Being quite busy these weeks in Warsaw. It may sound boring but except blogging I am a regular student with homeworks to do. This year I am actually feeling motivated for all the school stuff as I see the aim for all of it. If I work hard enough, I will get a chance to change my life next year. But it is too early to talk about it right now.

Ladies Time. Dream Shopping Partners

Shopping is an integral part of many fashion conscious people’s lives. We all have our own strategy when it comes to buying into the latest collections: some may look to internet for the vast array of E-Commerce sites that offer the same clothing you see on the high street but that you can shop from the comfort of your home, or on the bus, wherever and whenever you feel like it; others choose to shop solo, plugged into their MP3 players, ignoring the waves of other shoppers who also converge on malls and shopping centres (particularly at this time of year); and some turn shopping into a team event, enlisting friends and family members for a group trip. This can be immeasurably helpful when it comes to trying things on: who else is going to be as honest about a particular look on you as someone who knows you, your style and what suits your shape?

Sunday Kind of Love

It was one of those autumn Sundays. This weather I cannot describe with words which are appropriate enough to write on a blog.  When it's not raining so you are not using an umbrella but you just feel those really tiny droplets hitting your face and making you all wet and your hair looking like.. really bad. Girls, you can forget about all the flat irons, beach waves, volume and curls. 
It may sound strange now, despite the season and the weather I feel really good. I may complain a bit here on the blog but in reality this autumn seems surprisingly calm. I think I just did not resist the seasons' change from the very beginning and found myself feeling really good about everything around. I realised that there are tons of things particularly enjoyable only in autumn. I have made up a list of "What you need to make your cold days better". Will share it with you in my next post. 

Falling For Fall Fashion

It’s that magical time of year again… The time between swimsuits and heavy coats, when we look forward to pumpkin-flavored everything, and the time that we wear flannel like it’s going out of style (luckily, it never does!). That’s right, it’s fall! And although we’ve already been stocking up on great chilly weather wear in anticipation of the season, it’s time to conduct a wardrobe check to see if you’ve got all the best fall fashions covered before winter hits.

Skin care secrets

Hey guys! I have something new for those of you who decided to enjoy this Friday evening at home in their pyjamas. This kind of post is something I have never done before. I would like to do more of it in future if you like this one. I want to talk about skin care, makeup and beauty. Tell me what exactly you would like to see: a skin care routine, my go-to beauty products etc. 
Today I want to share with you my secret of nourishing my skin. I use many different products, leaving the ones from Kiehl's and The Body Shop as my favourites. But the one from Biossance that I have discovered recently really surprised me. Biossance have sent it to me around 2 weeks ago and I took my time to test the product to make up my opinion about it. 

Monaco Yacht Show with Ocean Independence: Part 2

Hey guys! I am back here to tell you a bit more about my amazing trip to the Monaco Yacht Show with Ocean Independence. I hope you have already seen the first post dedicated to this special event I have been invited to. It was a crazy and wonderful weekend full of memories - enough to keep me smiling for months. :)

Monaco Yacht Show with Ocean Independence: Part 1

Hello my dear readers,
This post is a very special one. I am going to tell you about the Monaco Yacht Show which I had a chance to be invited to by Ocean Independence. The blogger trip to Monaco with Ocean Independence is the best thing that has ever happened to me as a blogger. Those days in Monaco were one of the happiest days of the past year and even two weeks later I still feel excited while remembering everything that happened to me. I just feel like I cannot omit anything so the story will be pretty detailed and will be divided into two parts. Some months ago I had been chosen by Ocean Independence for a trip to Monaco in order to see their luxury yachts and enjoy several days there. I could not wait for it to happen and when I found out that it would take place during the Monaco Yacht Show I was counting the days until departure.