Between the Snowflakes

Snowflakes, winter, home and holidays. Although shooting in such a weather is not an easy task, taking blog pictures in Kiev feels great. Lately I've been working hard on my studies and on my blog. Holidays didn't happen to be relaxing. Several days to go and I will be moving again. Settling in a new apartment but not in a very new for me city. I am coming back to Warsaw.

Oasis. First Look.

Hey guys! 
I am so excited to share my latest blog collaboration with you. It's impossible to describe how happy and honoured I feel to collaborate with brands who I have always loved before becoming a fashion blogger. One of such brands is a British brand Oasis. I adore their feminine but chic style and the top quality of their items. So you can imagine my reaction when I got contacted by one of their team members. 

Cotton Candy

I already forgot how cold is to shoot the looks during real winter. But I just had to share with you some shots of my new coat of a cotton candy colour. I love the combination of these candy pastels in a wintery outfit. Such a look makes even a cloudy winter day a lot brighter.

Ask me anything

Good evening guys!
 I wanted to make this post a bit special. The last year of blogging has been very exciting for me. 2015 promises to be even better! I have been receiving lots of mails and messages from you with different questions and words of appreciation. I try to find time to answer all of you but sometimes my life just gets too saturated, I can barely send messages to my family in the free time. Today I am at home, in front of my laptop and with a cup of coffee ready to answer all your questions. Get to know me better, ask for advice about fashion, beauty, studying, life in France and in Eastern Europe, traveling and everything else you would like to know!

Back to the French Riviera

Happy New Year to all of you guys! Hope you had a great New Year's Eve and are ready to live this year the best you can. You have the whole year ahead. It's incredible how many things you can do to change your life in 365 days. My own life has changed dramatically thanks to two things.

Back to Kiev

Today's outfit of the day is simple and comfortable, exactly what is needed for a busy day of New Year's Eve preparations. I am back to my home city - Kiev and I am incredibly happy to be back here. Although I am freezing to death because the difference of the weather with the French Riviera is enormous. 

Have yourself a merry little christmas

Wishing everybody a Merry Little Christmas. Let the fluffy white snow be falling outside your windows tonight. Hope all of you have already gathered at the table with all your loved ones and are ready to be rocking around the christmas tree. Today's post is not about fashion, it's about Christmas, something that will be warming our hearts forever.