Welcome to the new Dream. Love. Shop.

Finally I am glad to show you the new Dream. Love. Shop.! I've been working so much on making this happen so get ready for my serious blogging. Lots of exciting things are ahead..


Walking around Vilnius wearing Ukrainian style top. Feeling patriotic during these hard times for my country.


Hello guys!
I am making this post for you from a very beautiful European city. Those of you who follow my Facebook page already know where I am staying. I was doing some shopping today and bought one special thing. Can't wait to show you what it is.


Although I am on summer holidays right now, I have lots of things to do every day. So my life in Kiev is currently pretty busy. Walking around the city center from one place to another, I shot this look for you. Holding Vogue - to read while taking an underground, and drinking coffee - to keep myself energetic.

Indigo Dress

What do you think about bright colors? I am a fan of black, white, nude and brown. And most of the clothes from my wardrobe have these colors. But it is summer now! It's time to look brighter! You remember me wearing a red skirt last summer? That outfit was a good example of a bright summer look. 

Salty Air

One more post from the sunny Riviera. Sunlight touches the decks of the yachts and I am having a walk along the sea before the dinner. Wearing stripes is becoming my tradition at the seaside.

OOTD: Black Lace

My outfit of the day is feminine and chic. I usually wear these shorts with flats but here I wanted to try something new. I am wearing black heels from Zara that you have already seen on the Dream. Love. Shop..