Villefranche-Sur-Mer and some thoughts in my head

What else do I have to do on a Monday morning? Sort out riviera pictures on my laptop. I wish I was under the covers with my cup of hot tea. But in reality i am struggling on an uncomfortable chair in  class where I seem to be the only one not really caring about what's going on. I am honest with you, I don't believe that being a good student will make you a successful and happy person in future.
Anyways, this is something I am obliged to do, and the way I spend time during class is up to me. Editing material from the Monaco Yacht Show for example, is my current activity. I cannot wait to share with you my next post which will tell everything about my trip to Monaco with Ocean Independence. Just to mention right now, honestly, it was one of the best weekends of my life full of plenty unforgettable moments. My heart is full of motivation to work more in order to make more of the trips like this happen to me.

Days in Kiev. New Collaboration. Timeless Watch.

Good evening guys! :) Can't believe I am back here again sharing one more outfit post with you. At the moment I am back to Warsaw for the last year of studies in this great city. Starting my Master degree this year and feeling pretty proud to get that far. I am not saying goodbye to France for a long time though. I cannot be apart from it for too long you know. Coming back to the South in the end of the month for a special event in Monaco. 
Looking forward to be there so much. But still have 10 more days of waiting. Anyway, you will be able to find out all the details through my Instagram.

Roman Diaries. Part 1

Sharing with you the first part of my trip to sunny Rome. 

OOTD: Oasis & Soufeel Collaboration

Outfit of the day while on summer break in Kiev. This summer has been super busy with all the graduation issues. My real holidays will have an actual start only soon. If you were following my Instagram lately, you know what I am up to at the moment.

Downtown Girl

Hey guys! Being extremely busy these days & running around Warsaw! That is why the post is about my outfit of the day in the city. Vacation posts from Italy are coming soon. I just want to keep you updated with my life now. Getting graduated this year so I am barely getting to the blog. But as you see blogging never stops. Showing you my busy life through this evening post. The look is pretty simple and comfortable. Casual and chic is my favourite combo. In love with this knot belt, just so trendy.

April Vibes

When you come back from trips which you trully enjoyed to the fullest you always get this weird feeling of being overwhelmed, happy and sad at the same time. I am back from my holidays in Rome. Remembering an amazing week in Italy and looking through thousands of pictures make me really miss the vacation. But on the other hand, I am glad to be back to my dear Warsaw. Having those last chances to wear layered outfits this season and enjoy the mild eastern european climate with those cool evenings and sunny mornings.

Spring is in the air. Embroidery and Bangles

When I think of what I should say or talk about beneath the photos from this post, the only word that is on my mind is 'spring'. After the long winter which I spent in the Eastern Europe this year I feel so excited about feeling the sun and being able to wear light leather jackets. And maybe one of the best cities to meet the coming spring is Warsaw. Living in Warsaw is never like living anywhere else. You just feel so calm here.. that eventually the only thing that you find yourself worrying about is a choice between doing some pilates or cooking a chocolate brownie in the evening.