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Hello me dear readers,
As you already know I have recently been to an amazing capital of Hungary - Budapest. And as I promised you I want to share with you my tips on visiting this city.

Budapest: First Look, First Impressions

Hi guys!
Today I am starting to share with you my impressions from the trip to Budapest. It was a short weekend vacation, however a very sweet way to spend the time. I have already been to Budapest when I was younger but I did not really remember a lot about it. 
I have prepared two posts about Budapest. The first one which I am sharing today is more of an #outfitoftheday post. In the second one I want to tell you my personal tips for visiting Budapest. I hope you will find them useful. As I would be grateful to somebody if I could know these things in advance.

Gloomy February and how to deal with it

The end of winter is the best time to complain about stuff. Surviving the first winter months is so much easier with all the christmas mood, first snow winter activities etc. February is more about sitting and waiting for spring. Cute beanies don't seem that cute any more. Hot wine does not attract that much and snowstorm does not bring excitement any more. Valentines day is approaching, spring is approaching. And I prefer to be cold but wear outfits which cheer me up. Get chic and joyful mood on. It is not so long to wait. Here are a few of my personal tips that might help us to go through our winter boredom.


Last weekend I had a wonderful trip to Prague and I am super excited to share with you all of my impressions. First thing I noticed is that Prague has really a lot of old buildings and each of them is a piece of art. Comparing to Warsaw, where we have just a small part of an Old Town - the whole Prague city centre looks like an Old Town. That makes the city look like it comes from a fairytale, especially during holidays. Second thing, it is so full of tourists. It feels like there are more tourists than in Paris! Prague is not less beautiful than Paris, just less cliché. That is why I did not expect these crowds. 
I have gathered my thoughts and impressions and decided to share them in a form of a list. I want to highlight main things which amazed me during the trip and advice some activities for you if you go to Prague in future.

City Vibes

Showing you my look of the day and sharing some latest thoughts. Being quite busy these weeks in Warsaw. It may sound boring but except blogging I am a regular student with homeworks to do. This year I am actually feeling motivated for all the school stuff as I see the aim for all of it. If I work hard enough, I will get a chance to change my life next year. But it is too early to talk about it right now.

Ladies Time. Dream Shopping Partners

Shopping is an integral part of many fashion conscious people’s lives. We all have our own strategy when it comes to buying into the latest collections: some may look to internet for the vast array of E-Commerce sites that offer the same clothing you see on the high street but that you can shop from the comfort of your home, or on the bus, wherever and whenever you feel like it; others choose to shop solo, plugged into their MP3 players, ignoring the waves of other shoppers who also converge on malls and shopping centres (particularly at this time of year); and some turn shopping into a team event, enlisting friends and family members for a group trip. This can be immeasurably helpful when it comes to trying things on: who else is going to be as honest about a particular look on you as someone who knows you, your style and what suits your shape?