That perfect white dress

A quick share for tonight. We all have that little black dress which is perfect for any occasion.  But who has a perfect white dress? 
The one which will make you look wonderful on any summer day. I had never really thought about it as a summer must-have before. 
Things changed since my wardrobe welcomed this newbie. I feel I have found that only one little white dress. Now I consider it as a must for a summer wardrobe. Tell me girls: do you have your own perfect white dress?

Silk. Summer. Pastels.

Hello Monday! Let's start this week with an #outfitoftheday section. These days I am staying in my hometown - Kiev. You know how good it feels to be home after so many months of wondering around Europe. I wanted to shoot a look next to the river. Here is the result. I love everything silk lately. Pastel colours are my favourites as always. Plus, a little pop of red. It is summer, so why not? I think this look is a good fit for a day in the city. Tell me what you wear for a day full of city meeting. 

Vienna Diaries with Hilton Vienna Plaza: Part 3

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Good morning beautiful Vienna. I have already visited a lot of your wonderful places and I am feeling that it is time for me to leave. Having more than four trips per month is truly exhausting. However, contrary to others, this trip brought me energy and motivation. I understood how important it is to have a place to stay which provides you with a maximum comfort. A place where you can cuddle under the covers of a huge kingsize bed, apply your body cream, watch sunsets wearing a soft bathrobe resting in an armchair of the terrace or have your favourite cereals with fruit for breakfast. A place where you feel like home. 

Vienna Diaries with Hilton Vienna Plaza: Part 2

Saturday, June 25, 2016

What a magical day full of discoveries. We've managed to walk through the whole center of Vienna and see most sights. We even took the metro to go to the oldest zoo of Europe. My silly dream came true: I have seen a real koala. I find these lazy animals incredibly cute.. Wish I could cuddle them together with baby pandas.

After this day I felt like I needed a calm evening and a good dinner. Luckily, it was easy to fulfil this need. We've spent the evening watching the sunset from the terrace of our suite and dining in Emile Brasserie & Bar. 

Vienna Diaries with Hilton Vienna Plaza: Part 1

Friday, June 24, 2016

I woke up to a 3.30 am alarm which already became part of my routine. June has been busy with traveling: Greece, France, Poland, and now Austria! 6 am flights are my favorite. I love taking my coffee in the airport and watching people getting ready for their journeys. This time, I was really thrilled: I could not wait to discover the spirit of Vienna for the first time. 

Plus, I was sure the place of my stay would help me feel the vibes of the city.We arrived at Hilton Vienna Plaza around 10 am. The city had already woken up. Streets looked full of busy Austrians. I was watching the beautiful architecture of Vienna through the taxi window and knew we were in the centre already - approaching our home for the next 3 days.

Hilton Vienna Plaza looked shiny and welcoming. The hall was amazing at first sight. I felt like I was taken to the golden 1920s. A bunch of businessmen with their modern suitcases reminded me of reality. Friendly staff welcomed us and accompanied us to our Penthouse Corner Suite.

In Love With Warsaw

Almost on holidays. I am that kind of person who chases change but when the change comes I start running away. This year spent in Warsaw was a wonderful one and I count each minute I am still able to enjoy in this city. 

Makeup Haul

Hi guys! Time for a different kind of post. I've got a lot of new products this month and decided to create a little makeup haul here on the blog. I used these products to create two looks: a light daily one and a brighter one for an evening out.