January Weekend: Outfit of the Day

Good evening guys!
I am starting to feel inspired for spring. But it may be too early for the moment.. Sun is here anyway and it is not letting us fall apart. I have been struggling the whole week at school. Design Thinking classes have taken all of my energy. Luckily tomorrow is the last day before a small vacation. I will be visiting one of my favorite cities in a week by the way! Stay updated on instagram and snapchat (annagotsyk).
Here is my outfit of the day shot last weekend. Wearing these mules and a velvet skirt really often these days. So comfortable and fits the weather really well. What do you think about this look?
Bisous, Anna

Happy New Year 2017

Good evening my dear readers,
Are you ready for this special night? New Year's Eve is just around the corner! This holiday has always been very special for me. And choosing an outfit for the night is a great pleasure and a perfect occasion to sparkle. This year I chose silver and nude colours. I shot the look a few days ago for you to get some inspiration in case you haven't chosen your New Year's Eve outfit yet. 
I decided to wear one of my mostly beloved brands River Island. It was hard to choose which of their sparkling pieces I want for this evening but I finally went for a silver skirt. I find combination of silver and nude so elegant and festive. What do you think? Tell me your NY's outfit ideas.
Bisous, Anna

2016 RECAP

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of my dear readers!
2016 is coming to an end and I feel like it's time to remember all of the great moments of the year.
Gathering all the best memories makes you appreciate your life and wonderful time that destiny brings you. Of course, the best moments are not captured on the photos. These are times of laughter, fun and love with your dearest people. This is something which is stored in our beautiful minds and makes our soles shine each morning. 
Here I have gathered the most memorable moments which happened to me as a blogger and a traveller in 2016. The memories are placed in a chronological order. I am incredibly thankful for amazing year full of joyful adventures. I am thankful to all of you for being with me during each and every of these days. Thank you guys!
Have yourself a merry little Christmas! 
Bisous, Anna

Christmas Market in Nice

Good evening my dear reader,
Tonight I have a Winter Wonderland: Riviera Edition kind of post. 4 days are left until Catholic Christmas and the whole Internet is crazy about this holiday. Christmas mood is on my mind too. Although holidays will be a bit longer for me than for everybody. I will get back to work only after celebrating my Orthodox Christmas on January 7. 
And the way it is supposed to be - I am home for Christmas. I had a flight from Nice to Kiev and now I am enjoying my childhood apartment. I had such a rough time flying home cause I overestimated my strengths and took too much hand luggage (How could I arrive without presents for everybody?). Felt like a Santa Claus though. Now I am home and it feels like it has never felt before. These months far from home made me miss the place where I belong way too much. It is different for everybody but I am that kind of person who will always prefer home, family and childhood friends to anything else. 
The photos were taken one day before I left the South of France. We went to the Christmas market of Nice with Dorian. It does not feel like true Winter Wonderland as it is +18 degrees outside. But the decorations are quite festive and beautiful. I chose a casual look but went for Christmas colours.

Gentle reminder: This season of love is a perfect occasion to enjoy our time with friends and families, to do things we used to leave for later. *Preparing a cup of tea and settling in front of TV in the living room*
Bisous, Anna

24 Hours in Monaco

The only thing I want to do during Christmas time is visit Christmas markets and walk around the city looking at the festive decorations. The day in my favourite Monaco was spent exactly this way. Walking around Monte-Carlo and enjoying tasty treats at the market made the day truly special. Sharing with you the 24 hours in Monaco during Christmas time. Super excited to have my post participating in #AccorHotels24hrs contest.
Bisous, Anna

Look like a movie. Sound like a song

A quick share of my outfit of the day, evening to be more precise. 
Edgy but elegant kind of look. 
Loving the combination of velvet, leather, satin and fishnet tights. First, I found the trend of wearing two tops this way quite unusual but now it feels so right when I combine the turtleneck with a velvet top. Classy bag from my favourite luxury brand from Monaco Tadini Monte Carlo is a perfect fit for the evening out. Stilettos on and I am ready to go. 

A Day with Tadini Monte Carlo

Monaco is a new fashion capital. In a city where luxury lifestyle is a must - an italian luxury brand was born. Last week I was invited to discover the universe of Tadini Monte Carlo. I've spent a wonderful time with Maria-Grazia Tadini, the founder of the brand, Rebecca Tadini and Anastasia Gallé, brand ambassadors. We had lots of fun talking about fashion and shooting gorgeous Tadini bags around the Yacht Club. I am already excited for our future collaboration projects. Keep in touch not to miss them!