Good morning my dear readers,
Today I am sharing an Outfit of the Day type of post with you. This outfit reflects my current mood so well. It gives me a special pleasure when I feel that sharing things on my channels shows another part of true me, my vibes and feelings. Pink is not just a colour, it's an attitude and a view on life. 


My Outfit of the Day: Top (Find here), Skirt (Find here), Jacket (Find here) by NA-KD.
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TOP 15 Everyday Makeup Favorites

Hello my dear readers,
Today's post is dedicated to everybody who just like me is passionate about makeup and the power it has over us. Makeup has a magic ability to change the mood, boost self-confidence and empower us for the greatest things. As simple as that, a perfectly matching shade of a lip liner can change my day. So here we go! Today I am sharing with you my absolute beauty favourites for everyday makeup during the last six months.

Fly Down

Good evening my dear readers,
I am preparing this post to show a bit of real-life me. Brand editorials are coming later this week! I will finally share with you some projects I've been putting my efforts in lately.
But today is my go-to outfit during these weeks. A pair of sneakers and a comfy fluffy jacket is all I need. I went to shoot this look in my neighbourhood. So you can also get an idea how the surroundings of my home look like. Sometimes I forget how blessed I am to live in this place, but then I clean up my eyes and get back to reality. 

January Weekend: Outfit of the Day

Good evening guys!
I am starting to feel inspired for spring. But it may be too early for the moment.. Sun is here anyway and it is not letting us fall apart. I have been struggling the whole week at school. Design Thinking classes have taken all of my energy. Luckily tomorrow is the last day before a small vacation. I will be visiting one of my favorite cities in a week by the way! Stay updated on instagram and snapchat (annagotsyk).
Here is my outfit of the day shot last weekend. Wearing these mules and a velvet skirt really often these days. So comfortable and fits the weather really well. What do you think about this look?
Bisous, Anna

Happy New Year 2017

Good evening my dear readers,
Are you ready for this special night? New Year's Eve is just around the corner! This holiday has always been very special for me. And choosing an outfit for the night is a great pleasure and a perfect occasion to sparkle. This year I chose silver and nude colours. I shot the look a few days ago for you to get some inspiration in case you haven't chosen your New Year's Eve outfit yet. 
I decided to wear one of my mostly beloved brands River Island. It was hard to choose which of their sparkling pieces I want for this evening but I finally went for a silver skirt. I find combination of silver and nude so elegant and festive. What do you think? Tell me your NY's outfit ideas.
Bisous, Anna