Autumn Obsessions

Good evening from Bordeaux! Are you getting ready for Christmas? I was trying to, but the weather just did not let me. I am downloading photos for this post while filling my bag with summery outfits for a new trip. And this look was the most autumn-like outfit I had here lately.

Something special about Autumn

Every season has something special and cute about it. Autumn for me is a synonym to warm sweaters, grey and beige colour outfits, golden sunlight, mulled wine, a bunch of new scarves,  cozy evenings with a cup of tea and good movies. 


What a great feeling is to post from under the covers of your bed at home! No, not at one of your temporary homes. But at your Real home.The place where you grew up and used to wake up every morning for 17 years. So yes, I am in Kiev. 


It's all about Bordeaux and the busy life I have here these days. School from the morning till the evening prevents me from being lazy. Hopefully something exciting is waiting for me ahead this week.


One more day in Monaco shown for you on Dream. Love. Shop.. Loving the pleated skirt and my new Burberry ballerinas. What do you think about this summery look?


Revealing the project which I am so excited about. I was honoured to win the competition of my Polish university and became a "Face of my business school"! So these were the pictures from the shooting which were made to place inside the building and on the school's adverts.