Things to do in Antibes

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I've received many messages asking for advice about Antibes, French Riviera and local activities.
I wasn't born here but I've fallen in love with the place and spent here so much time, I feel my advice could actually be helpful.
So what can you do in Antibes?

Hotel Review: Sina Centurion Palace, Venice

Hello my dear reader,
Finally I am here, ready to share with you my experience of staying at Sina Centurion Palace in Venice. I love weekend trips. They always cheer up my mood, create new memories and leave me dreaming for the whole following week. I am already back to the French Riviera but my mind is still romantic remembering those dinners with a view on Venice canals.
Our hotel had gorgeous interior design. I have tried to capture the way my room looked like. A large terrace with a breathtaking view was a pleasant surprise. However, what has amazed us most of all was dining at Antinoo's Lounge & Restaurant. The cuisine is truly divine and the service is excellent. We will never forget how friendly and helpful was our waiter. 
This time in Venice I understood how important is the choice of accommodation. It influences the whole impression of the city. Thanks to our stay in Sina Centurion Palace I fell in love with Venice. Waking up to a view of the Grand Canal and calmly having breakfast watching gondolas passing by - means truly experiencing Venice.

Cinque Terre Trip: Manarola

The next part of our trip was dedicated to the most famous town of Cinque Terre: Manarola. The view on its multicoloured tiny houses is truly worth-seeing. After the breakfast in our hotel in Masa we took the road through La Spezia to Manarola. Surrounded by palms, mountains and sea I was happy to take a passenger seat and enjoy window views. May happened to be really best time to visit Manarola. In order to have the best view on the town you need to do a bit of walking under the sun which feels quite hot. In addition, if you want to have a snack at the most famous dining place of Manarola, Nessun Dorma, be ready to stay under the sun for one more hour. If you love having a drink with a view - it is worth waiting in the line. This place serves delicious Italian wines with a selection of traditional snacks. Perfect for a midtime break.

Cinque Terre Trip: Vernazza

Hello guys,
Today I am sharing with you the first part of the photos I took during our road trip to Cinque Terre.
Since I have found out that these beautiful places are so close to where I live I could not wait too long to go there. It took us 4 hours to arrive to Vernazza from Antibes (taking into account some traffic jams around Genova). Before the trip I had read numerous online articles advising not to take a car to Cinque Terre. Luckily we did not listen to them. Although you cannot get by car straight in the city, you can leave it straight next to the entrance. The roads between towns of Cinque Terre are amazingly beautiful. Views on the mountains and the sea are truly breathtaking. So if you are a skilled driver and not afraid of narrow mountain roads take your car to Cinque Terre. In Vernazza we left it next to the entrance to the city for free. The walk from the parking to the sea took us 7-10 minutes.


Good morning my dear readers,
I have a quick post for you today. Sharing the shots from my day on Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild. This place is so wonderful that photos cannot show even half of its beauty. Letting you see some of the garden and sea views I've snapped on my phone. Wearing a simple and chic look. Loving this off-shoulder dress. What do you think about the place? Bisous, Anna