ROME: day 2nd

   It was a Shopping day. I really bought lots of cool things. One of my greatest purchases is an Armani bag. Can't wait to make an outfit photos with her. =)) I love you, Rome. =) xoxo
Wearing Zara T-shirt, Guess belt, Mango shorts, New-Yorker bracelet, Ray-Ban sunnies.

  День шоппинга. Я купила кучу действительно классный вещей! Одна из лучших покупок - сумка Армани. Не могу дождаться, чтобы пофоткаться с ней. =) Я люблю тебя, Рим! =)


  1. Wow, you did quite some shopping! :)

  2. Wow you bought a lot can't wait to see your Armani bag.

  3. love your blog! think you might like mine

  4. That Zara tee is cute! OMG I am so jealous of all your shopping!! Sooooo many bags!

  5. Thanks everyone =))
    Anne, I think I will make a post "New in" soon and there I want to show my new bag =DD
    Molly, I'll check out your blog right now. =))

  6. Following now by bloglovin :-)


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