Spanish day ^^ (grey dress look) ^^

     Yesterday I had a trip to Dali museum. I put on my Naf Naf dress and I made great hair. I have a nice tan now. ^^ I liked going to the Dali museum very much. His paintings are really unusual. And after the museum we went to eat ice-cream. I ate Oreo and Cheesecake ice-cream. It was really tasty.=))) 
  And then I was in Gerona - a little Spanish town with narrow streets and had a walk there. It reminded me of St.Gimignano in Italy. In the evening me and my parents came back to our lovely hotel in Lloret de Mar and had dinner. The walk round the town was very nice. I’m going to miss this town.

Near the entrance to the museum

I liked this painting (can you see a man in a green tie here?)

 funny family I noticed in the museum ("devouring the art") =)

A lovely cafe near the Dali museum




  1. nice photos!that grey dress looks so cute!


  2. Such a lovely and cool dress. Like the color. Following you. Hope you can follow back.

  3. Looks amazing, I'd really love to see the Dali museum, I adore his work!! Love your dress :) x

  4. so pretty <3

    like it ^^

  5. Thanks everyone! =)

    And PAPS, thank you for following my blog =) I follow you back =))

  6. amazing photos!!!
    you look beautiful :D

    i am your newest follower,great blog!

    check out mine if you want and if you like it follow :D

    *you can also send me your photo for the project i am working on..

    kisses <3


  7. какой красивое платье!


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