InstaMorning :)

Today morning I decided to make an Instagram post for you. This app is incredibly popular now, almost everyone uses it. And I'm not the exception. Here are some shots for you. 
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Сегодня утром я решила сделать для вас пост Instagram. Эта программка сейчас безумно популярна; почти все используют её. И я не исключение. Вот некоторые мои снимки для вас.
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Мой Instagram: annagotsyk
Typical start of the day.
 Типичное начало дня.

Thanks a lot for you guys for such sweet comments to my previous post. I'm so glad you liked my room. :) 
Спасибо большое, друзья, за приятные комментарии к моему предидущему посту. Я очень рада, что вам понравилась моя комната. :)


  1. I really love Instagram and how it turns everyday, normal things into being awesome so these photos are great, that looks like a really delicious breakfast to me as well.

  2. Great instagram pictures! I love instagram!

  3. really cute instagrams!! love the post! my instagram is Smaching :)


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  5. Your blog is simply wonderful, I am following you and adding you to my favorite links!
    I'm obsessed with Instragram so I guess I'll be following you there too ;) Unfortunately the app keeps on crashing on my phone since 2 weeks and I'm still trying to fix it! Grrrr.

    You are welcome to visit my blog if you ever feel like (that counts for everyone btw *smiles*)! Comments & follows are always making my day, but no pressure!

  6. I love Instagram too :-)

    Thank you soo much for voting- they won the money with the most votes :-) Appreciate it so much

    The Young Bridget Jones

  7. Haha I eat the same cereals everyday :) nice post, I love Instagram!:)) xx

  8. Аня, а что за ребята там на инстаграмках? это твои новые друзья из Польши?

    1. те, которые в правом нижнем углу - да)) а остальные - из Киева))

  9. Oh noo! Fitness cereal with yoghurt! they are my obsession. I mean I have a weird habbit; I always eat the white ones first, and then the rest of the box I eat simply with milk. But the point is that I can't let the white ones melt, they are too delicious!!

    Haha, you have a great instagram and I'm following you now as "coffeewithcaramels"

    Hope you'll follow me back! :)


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