Welcome to Cannes! The city where luxury and summer are in the air 365 days per year. Spending a few days in Cannes is always on my to-do list while coming back to Cote d'Azur.

That's the only place where the water is sparkling. I'm not lying! When your feet step into the water you can see how the sand starts moving and sparkling with millions of golden dots. The sun shines straight in your face, so you rush for a trendy hat. No, it's not too hot. Just the bright french sun is unavoidable here these days, just like it was in December.

My shopaholic side cannot keep calm while walking on Boulevard de la Croisette. So my body takes me to Michael Kors without asking for my will and in 10 minutes I am already standing by the sea with a matt beige bag containing the reason of enormously huge smile on my face. 
Lace Shorts ZARA
Ballerinas BURBERRY
Black beach hat Similar HERE


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