Revealing the project which I am so excited about. I was honoured to win the competition of my Polish university and became a "Face of my business school"! So these were the pictures from the shooting which were made to place inside the building and on the school's adverts.
The shooting took us 10 hours! It was so tiring but exciting at the same time. 5 different locations and 3 outfits changes became the longest photo shoot I have ever experienced. But here you have the result and I am sure that the efforts were worth it!
So from now on I am always there, in Warsaw, at my school. Even if I am far away in Bordeaux doing my Double Degree Bachelor and making this post during the lunch break. I feel that another part of me is in Poland.
Enjoy the time while you are still students, it's one of the best periods of your life. 


  1. Gorgeous photo shoot! 10 hours is a long time but you all look so great so it's worth it!

  2. Looking beautiful. University definitely is one of the best times of your life.

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  3. WOW 10 hrs ?! The result is nice !! You're beautiful ;)



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