Spring is in the air. Embroidery and Bangles

When I think of what I should say or talk about beneath the photos from this post, the only word that is on my mind is 'spring'. After the long winter which I spent in the Eastern Europe this year I feel so excited about feeling the sun and being able to wear light leather jackets. And maybe one of the best cities to meet the coming spring is Warsaw. Living in Warsaw is never like living anywhere else. You just feel so calm here.. that eventually the only thing that you find yourself worrying about is a choice between doing some pilates or cooking a chocolate brownie in the evening. 

One of those sunny days I was walking past those shops that all of us know and decided that a new Zara collection deserves a bit more attention. 20 minutes later I was already in love with this fresh shirt with this cool embroidery. Wearing the shirt the next day with Isabel Marant sneakers and boyfriend jeans, feeling absolutely spring. Just added a bunch of cute stuff on my wrists - doing it absolutely every day now - feeling so trendy this way. :P My forever and always Marc Jacobs bangles are always with me, plus, this time I added this gorgeous leather bracelet by an Australian brand Dainty and Bold. Loving to have this leopard piece next to my gold statement watch.

Have decided that the outfit deserves shooting for the blog after having an amazingly tasty breakfast in one of the newly popular places in Warsaw. Those of you who are reading me from Warsaw and have not been to "Aioli" yet, you should definitely check that place out. But make sure to come during the weekdays when they have a special price for the breakfast. 

Finishing this post for now. I have the whole week in Kiev ahead - the week of enjoying my lovely home. And after that here we go - the country of Gelato, Prada, Gucci, Pizza and Prosecco is waiting for me! Yes, I am so thrilled to share with you that my next destination will be Rome #dreamloveshopgoestorome ;) Wishing you a nice weekend and stay positive!
Bisous, Anna
Outfit of the day:
Embroidered Shirt ZARA
Boyfriend Jeans ZARA
Blue Jacket OASIS
Wedged Sneakers ISABEL MARANT
Scarf SIX
Leopard Leather Bracelet DAINTY AND BOLD


  1. You're beautiful! fantastic photos


  2. Amazing blouse! Love it :)

  3. so pretty style!!

    i invite to me too


  4. Wow! This looks great… I’m loving the top and jacket! Super chic.

  5. That jacket is a must have for this spring ;)

  6. I love this post!

  7. i love this print on your shirt. looks so nice on you :)

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  9. Nice styling


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  12. Wonderful shirt dear!

    Greets from Greece :)

  13. my dear, you're looking flawless in that second pic, you're so beautiful :D
    and i love your shirt

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