OOTD: Oasis & Soufeel Collaboration

Outfit of the day while on summer break in Kiev. This summer has been super busy with all the graduation issues. My real holidays will have an actual start only soon. If you were following my Instagram lately, you know what I am up to at the moment.

Got some time to share with you this wonderful result of my collaboration with Oasis and Soufeel. My whole outfit is styled by Oasis. I am forever in love with this brand. You all remember my winter collaborations with them last season. This time I am combining navy blue jumpsuit with pink sandals and white bag. This shade of pink is a bit crazy but I absolutely love how it looks while worn with white. 
The new bracelet that you have noticed on my wrist is from Soufeel. I had so much fun choosing the charms for it. My favourites are the coffee cup and the wine glass. All of the charms and the bracelet are made from silver. So I wear it all the time without bothering to take off cause it can loose its colour. I cannot wait to get some summery charms as my mood finally starts feeling those sunny vibes. 

Keep in touch here on the blog as I am have something to share with you next week. And something big is coming up in August as well! New trip & new collaboration! xoxo, Anna

Jumpsuit, Bag, Sandals OASIS
Bracelet SOUFEEL


  1. So pretty Anna! I love the look:) Fantastic sandals!!!
    Have a nice day dear,

  2. great look! I love your bracelet and shoes

  3. you are a very beautiful girl

  4. I adore your new outfit, Anna xx

  5. I want the same bracelet now
    Enjoy your holidays dear :)

  6. At first I too thought pink combination with navy blue is crazy, then when i read the summary, Great idea of pairing white with pink. Nice combination

    Stunning Clothing

  7. Very beautiful, and i love the Jumpsuit, Bag, Sandals and Bracelet. Thanks for your share

  8. The Soufeel bracelet is so nice!


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