Monaco Yacht Show with Ocean Independence: Part 1

Hello my dear readers,
This post is a very special one. I am going to tell you about the Monaco Yacht Show which I had a chance to be invited to by Ocean Independence. The blogger trip to Monaco with Ocean Independence is the best thing that has ever happened to me as a blogger. Those days in Monaco were one of the happiest days of the past year and even two weeks later I still feel excited while remembering everything that happened to me. I just feel like I cannot omit anything so the story will be pretty detailed and will be divided into two parts. Some months ago I had been chosen by Ocean Independence for a trip to Monaco in order to see their luxury yachts and enjoy several days there. I could not wait for it to happen and when I found out that it would take place during the Monaco Yacht Show I was counting the days until departure.

Ocean Independence team was super nice to let me come with my dear photographer, another person behind Dream. Love. Shop., my childhood friend Alina. I tried to include as much pictures as I could, using not only professional shots but also some Instagram and Snapchat for you to feel the actual atmosphere of the day a bit better. As you see, we were already joyful with our little wine bottles and chocolates, looking forward to our special time on the French Riviera. The moment when the plane landed in the airport of Nice, I had my heart bouncing so fast, as it always happened when I saw that view for the past two years. Only this time was a special one. 
Straight from the airport we went to our hotel where the prettiest pink bags of Ocean Independence where waiting for us, full of information about the show, our VIP passes and candies, obviously. :) We were staying at the Novotel Nice Arenas Aeroport Hotel. The room was really cozy and modern.
When I opened the curtains, i was like: wow, I have a feeling that this weekend will be fantastic. The blue sea and the beach surrounded by palms were just in front of our window. 
We had only an hour to get ready so it was really crazy, I couldn't choose the perfect outfit and was late for 10 minutes in the end. :D I hope the leader of our blogger team Philipp was not too angry at us. :) So we met some nice people from Germany, Switzerland and France who were members of our blogger team as well. On our way to Monaco the views were really breathtaking. I can't comment since it was too emotional. I am sharing some shots with you, but those who followed my Snapchat story had a chance to see more. :)
So here we are, arriving at the Monaco Yacht Show and seeing all those magnificent yachts and all those people walking around with a serious look, observing which one they would like to purchase. Most of the yachts were not like a 'yacht' you imagine when you hear the word. It's not like a boat with a room to sleep in. It's literally a ship. Like a Titanic from the movie. 10 rooms. 15, 20 rooms? There are no limits. And you want to know why most of these yachts are for sale at the show? Because the owners don't want them any more. Probably too small for them. Tough life. ;) 

With faces full of astonishment we walk around observing all this beauty in the Port of Monaco. At the Ocean Independence stand they explain us everything about the event and invite us to visit one of the yachts, called 'MORE'. It was the first luxury yacht I ever got to visit in my life. So yes, it was really something special to me. Costing almost 9,000,000 € it is 45 m long. Just look at that jacuzzi and imagine yourself in it. And the views you get to see from the upper deck are beyond words.

Full of emotions and taking pictures of everything, around, we were put in a tender shuttle to take us to an other yacht. The tender was a BOESCH boat and you will never guess who the driver was. Mr Boesch, the owner of the company. Yeah, why not. And you know, before getting on board you always have to remove your shoes. But when I saw that Mr Boesch is like: yes, give me your shoes, - and then taking my hand to help me get inside the boat, I was so surprised. Maybe it's too much of details, but Alina and me just looked at each other both thinking the same: wow, this is what you call a nice and friendly person no matter who he is in life.
And when the tender started moving, all the views around were like a modern fairytale. I couldn't stop filming a snapchat story and all the girls were taking more and more pictures. All the yachts, the buildings of Monaco, the mountains together with the early evening lights made the scenery look magical. 

And here we were, getting out of the Boesch tender in order to enter a party on board of a truly enormous VOYAGER yacht. And so we are getting in. And everything is so sparkling. There is a pianist playing on the first floor inside one of the rooms. The live band is playing on the deck upstairs. Champagne, wine and various kinds of snacks are being served to the guests all around. And yes, I guess I need to mention the BELL helicopter on the upper deck. So yes, I, Anna Gotsyk, 20 year old fashion blogger, am at the party in Monaco. On a yacht. A party on a 62 meter yacht. With a pianist. And a live band.  With glasses of champagne. And a helicopter. If you understand what I am trying to say.

 And then Alina is just like: 'How can the floor be so clean?.. I am even afraid to walk on it with my little feet.' And everything is really shiny all around. And all the people looking so into luxury. That I probably looked weird in my extra short red Topshop dress but, honestly, we did not care. As evenings like that are ones which make our life worth living . We even got inside a helicopter. And the man looking like he can afford 10 yachts like this one, so I don't even want to imagine who he was, just came to us offering to take pictures of us. So yeah, there it is (just scroll down a bit), that picture from a helicopter. Then there were some pictures with drinks and running around the casino of Monte-Carlo but those moments were visible only on Snapchat as I was not overthinking if they were suitable enough. :) 

Anyway, the night was magical. We have met a lot of nice people and the time we spent was unforgettable. I have to confess, that it a was very special one for me. Everything that I was dreaming of and expecting has finally happened to me and even more. I fell in Love. With the place and the atmosphere. And while going to sleep under my soft covers in the hotel room, I had a smile on my face knowing that tomorrow I was about to live another day in the fairytale.
To finish this post, I would like to once again express my huge gratitude to the whole Ocean Independence team for making this trip happen. I am forever thankful to you.

P.S. Monaco Yacht Show. Part 2 coming out next week.


  1. Anna, you are gorgeous :) I love the post

  2. thrilling story! I am so happy for your achievements

  3. Your smiling face looks so happy

  4. Thank you for this wonderful Part 1 - we were so happy you were part of our media initiative! Your story and images really puts into words the experience we wanted you to have with our team and amazing yachts! Happy Friday Anna and thank you! #oceanindependence

  5. You look amazing Anna !

  6. looks like a perfect life you are having =)

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