Monaco Yacht Show with Ocean Independence: Part 2

Hey guys! I am back here to tell you a bit more about my amazing trip to the Monaco Yacht Show with Ocean Independence. I hope you have already seen the first post dedicated to this special event I have been invited to. It was a crazy and wonderful weekend full of memories - enough to keep me smiling for months. :)
The second day of the trip started with a delicious breakfast in our hotel. Living in Warsaw, I really miss my morning croissants that I used to take for breakfast while living in France. Straight after finishing our coffees we got in an OI shuttle which brought us back to the Port of Monaco. The day was very sunny and the summer mood was totally on. The first thing planned for us was a cruise on a WAJER Osprey 38 tender. You cannot imagine how great the feeling is when a boat starts going faster on the waves! The only thing you do - is just hold your hair! Because if you don't, it might happen that you will never be able to comb it again. :D But the views on Monte-Carlo and yachts in Port Hercules are just wonderful. These drops of water in the air and the waves, all sparkling under the morning sun, made us feel endless happiness. I think my Snapchat story (annagotsyk) has never been so long. :) After we got far in the sea the tender stopped for us to enjoy the sea and have a swim. The weather was so hot, we could not resist feeling the cool salty water on our skin.

Feeling refreshed and hungry we came back to the port. Our next stop was a lunch in a very special place. I think, if most of people try to think of a special place to eat in Monte-Carlo - the first thing popping in their heads will be a famous Café de Paris. The food was so delicious, and a glass of cold rosé was exactly what we needed. Also it was really funny to eat all together! Just imagine a group of bloggers in Café de Paris. Who would resist taking pictures of these so good looking dishes for Instagram? And when the waiters brought our desserts, everybody immediately got their iPhones out of the bags and started taking tons of shots. That's who you call a typical blogger. ;)

Feeling full and joyful we had a walk around Monte-Carlo and returned back to the Port Hercules. We visited several more luxury yachts. My favourite one was LOGICA. I think I loved this yacht most of all that I had seen during the whole trip. The interior's design was really modern and sophisticated. I've shared here some of the photos taken inside of the cabins and on the deck. It was a real house on the water. And the pool on the deck was just magical. We could not stop taking pictures of it and imagining ourselves inside of it with some cocktails and lounge music playing around. :)
In order to finish this afternoon the best way possible, I came back to Monte-Carlo and got myself a present I have been craving for for a really long time. Was so happy to have my memories of my Monaco trip connected to the purchase of this iconic accessory. You have already noticed the brand on the photos, but I will show you what exactly it is a bit a later. ;)

For the evening Alina and me planned a walk around Nice. She had never been to this city before so I was really glad to show her all of my favourite places and to feel like home. Our flight back to Warsaw was in the morning of the next day. The only thing on my mind while getting in the plane was that this weekend had been one of the most extraordinary in my life. Thank you Ocean Independence for letting us live this dream! 


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