Falling For Fall Fashion

It’s that magical time of year again… The time between swimsuits and heavy coats, when we look forward to pumpkin-flavored everything, and the time that we wear flannel like it’s going out of style (luckily, it never does!). That’s right, it’s fall! And although we’ve already been stocking up on great chilly weather wear in anticipation of the season, it’s time to conduct a wardrobe check to see if you’ve got all the best fall fashions covered before winter hits.

As autumn continues, don't get caught without these top five trends for the season.

Seventies Style
Get to groovin’, because everything ‘70s is back with fierce flower power. From chunky heels to bellbottoms to floral blouses, your closet should look a little bit like it took a trip back to the past, but with slightly modernized details.

Western Wear
Welcome fringe, suede and frontier-esque fashion into your wardrobe. Here are a few ideas from Cosmo to get you started on suede skirt shopping. Western style can go hand-in-hand with the ’70s trend, meaning you can knock out two birds with one stone—or skirt, in this case!

Velvet Anything
Textures are controlling the style scene this season, and velvet is another one to add to your list. To balance out the romantic feel of this fabric, NY Mag's runway report showed velvet in the form of pantsuits, but just about anything velvet this fall is sure to be a hit.

Pleated Skirts
Preferably in a mesmerizing, metallic hue, like gold, white or fuchsia. Alexa Chung effortlessly pulled off this look (as she does with virtually any trend), which makes it less costume-y and way more chic. Garner inspiration from Chung and other style setters for your own pleated skirt success.

Romantic Details
Think back to the days of frilled blouses and flowy silhouettes in the 1800s. Now at the forefront of fashion with modern lengths and edgy details, romantic pieces are the must-haves to complete your autumn closet. Keep the look up-to-date with bold accessories, like those Lyst suggests, such as "one of the statement printed Givenchy backpacks."
The season of crisp air and lingering warmth is upon us, but it’s not really fall until you start dressing like it. So if you’re still missing some of the hottest trends mentioned above, it might be time to take your style seriously and grab the gear that will take your autumn wardrobe from slightly stylish to dangerously chic. The good news is that the above looks will keep you on trend even as winter starts slipping into the picture. Just be prepared and perfect your pose for the moment street style photographers begin to take notice!

Picture credits:
1. Instagram Anna Gotsyk: http://instagram.com/annagotsyk/
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