Last weekend I had a wonderful trip to Prague and I am super excited to share with you all of my impressions. First thing I noticed is that Prague has really a lot of old buildings and each of them is a piece of art. Comparing to Warsaw, where we have just a small part of an Old Town - the whole Prague city centre looks like an Old Town. That makes the city look like it comes from a fairytale, especially during holidays. Second thing, it is so full of tourists. It feels like there are more tourists than in Paris! Prague is not less beautiful than Paris, just less cliché. That is why I did not expect these crowds. 
I have gathered my thoughts and impressions and decided to share them in a form of a list. I want to highlight main things which amazed me during the trip and advice some activities for you if you go to Prague in future.

1. Visit Prague Castle. This was the first thing I have visited in Prague and the views just made me speechless. The hill may demotivate you, but trust me, those stairs are worth it. Plus, it's not just the view. It is the whole complex of monuments. And a must-see Saint Vitus Cathedral is one of them. Plus, when you get up there, next to the Cathedral they made a small Christmas market. Hot wine and lots of snacks are there for those who need a break. Or those who always need a break when there is a Christmas market. Just like me. Don't forget to take amazing pictures in front of the cathedral and with a view on the whole Prague. These are the best postcards you can get!
2. Old Town Accommodation. While booking your accommodation make sure to get something in the old part of the city, even better - in an old building. It really brings more spirit to the whole trip. Plus, you are just next to all of the sights. I have chosen an apartment through airbnb.com. It was in one of these pastel houses. It was the best location I could wish for. The street was called U železné lávky. 
3. Cross a bridge. Prague is full of bridges across Vltava river. And the view is amazing from each of them. You should definitely take a walk to cross the river by some of the bridges. The pictures will be really awesome. And the main tip: avoid Charles Bridge. Everybody will tell you that it is the main attraction, but in fact the amount of people there will not let you enjoy surrounding beauty at all. Proof of the crowds is presented below.
4. Take a break in a local café. The one I would definitely recommend is Café Savoy. Special ambience and excellent food. I advice you to book a table in advance, otherwise you will have to wait for around 15-20 minutes for a free table. 
4. Visit Christmas Market at the Old Town Square. The market is huge and the Christmas tree is magical. In addition, you will get to see Prague astronomical clock which is so famous. But once again, there are huge crowds in front of it. You will not be able to even take a nice photo. So I advice you to enjoy winter treats on the market. Get your glass of hot wine and make a wish under a mistletoe.
5. Try Trdelnik - traditional sugary pastry. They sell those on each corner. You can have it with chocolate or caramel if you wish. I had mine with chocolate and it was the best sweet discovery of the year! Trying trdelnik is a definite must in Prague.
6. Walk to Wenceslas Square. The spirit of the place is quite different from the Old Square. I enjoyed feeling the difference and walking on a wide street in front of the square. By the way, this part of the city is full of shops. ;) I did not do any special shopping this time. 
But I want to mention one thing I really loved. The food department in Marks & Spencer (Vaclavske namesti 36) is to die for. In many European cities, like Warsaw or Kiev, food departments in M&S are really small or don't exist at all. Here it is really bigger, full of healthy and tasty stuff. I wished I could buy everything there. Their berries looked so perfect. And yoghurts and homemade cookies. So if you are obsessed with good food like me, go there.
7. Have a memorable dinner. Just walk around the evening city and get into a nice restaurant to make a memorable highlight for the trip. I have visited two restaurants. The first one was Grosseto Marina. It is very famous in Prague. It is situated on a boat so you can see the river next to you. The view is the best thing there. But the place is overrated as we waited for our pasta for an hour and it was not impressive at all. Their website's pictures must have been taken somewhere else, but not in this restaurant.
Another restaurant we visited was way better. Called Les Moules it is situated not far from the Old Town Square. They managed to find a table for us although they were fully booked. Service is wonderful and our mussels were delicious. You can trust me on this as I am a huge fan of sea food which makes me quite demanding.
Wishing all of you joyful holidays and future trips. I hope you found some tips useful for yourself and enjoyed the post. I really enjoyed preparing the article for you. Talk to you soon!
Bisous, Anna


  1. Beautiful city... especially in Christmas time!

    Hugs from Athens :)

  2. lovely pictures, awesome post :)

  3. bookmarking this for my planned trip next year

  4. thanks for the tips!

  5. Great pics and what a beautiful city. You're so stylish!

  6. Prague is amazing! I love that city!
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  7. I love love your blog! Especially your photos are always take soo well, they are always on fleek :D


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