Budapest: First Look, First Impressions

Hi guys!
Today I am starting to share with you my impressions from the trip to Budapest. It was a short weekend vacation, however a very sweet way to spend the time. I have already been to Budapest when I was younger but I did not really remember a lot about it. 
I have prepared two posts about Budapest. The first one which I am sharing today is more of an #outfitoftheday post. In the second one I want to tell you my personal tips for visiting Budapest. I hope you will find them useful. As I would be grateful to somebody if I could know these things in advance.

The look from the post is a comfy outfit for a sunny winter day. I always try to dress chic and fashionable but do not go completely mad and ignore cold +5 C temperatures. Usually it becomes a real challenge. This time I was lucky to have the whole weekend completely sunny.
Maybe it was one more reason Budapest seemed a very welcoming city. We stayed in a wonderful hotel Eurostars Budapest in the centre of the city. I can definitely recommend this hotel to everybody who is looking for a comfortable stay and does not want to spend a lot. 
First impressions about Budapest: not a big city but really beautiful and welcoming. It is not crowded with tourists at all. It is easy to find a way without knowing the town. Easy to find a place to eat, although there are so many and it is hard to choose. Anyway, a list of a traveller's tips - in the next post. Bisous, Anna

Outfit of the day:
Coat, Sweater, Scarf ZARA
Sunglasses CELINE


  1. Loving the skirt.


  2. absolutely love this look!

  3. Great skirt & make up, dear!

  4. Какие прекрасные фотографии)))

  5. Beautiful look love the skirt :)

  6. this outfit is cool! waiting for your second Budapest post

  7. Wonderful pics, dear! Love your style :)

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