Gloomy February and how to deal with it

The end of winter is the best time to complain about stuff. Surviving the first winter months is so much easier with all the christmas mood, first snow winter activities etc. February is more about sitting and waiting for spring. Cute beanies don't seem that cute any more. Hot wine does not attract that much and snowstorm does not bring excitement any more. Valentines day is approaching, spring is approaching. And I prefer to be cold but wear outfits which cheer me up. Get chic and joyful mood on. It is not so long to wait. Here are a few of my personal tips that might help us to go through our winter boredom.

Anna's tips for gloomy February mood:
1) Watch a catchy TV show. Time flies by faster this way. My recommendations: Mad Men, House of Cards. 
2) Go on a weekend trip. Check a weather forecast for the nearest cities and grab a ticket to the sunniest one. Feeling adventurous distracts quite well. That is why I have just come back from Budapest. Budapest post is coming soon. ;)
3) Forget about diet. How can you survive the cold without some good food? Chocolate is love. Melted cheese is a key to happiness. And a glass of wine may participate too.
4) Make plans. Start planning your spring: trips, exams, holidays and of course new season's looks. You will find your inspiration. I know you will!

Look of the day:
Sweater, Boots ZARA
Sunglasses CELINE


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