Leave Room For Magic

Jeans, Cropped Top by TOPSHOP
Sunglasses by PRADA (found on RED HOT SUNGLASSES - discount code ANNAGOTSYK10)
It is 4 am and I am preparing a post for you. I will share it in the morning so you could read this little article and browse through the shots while having your breakfast. Strange but lately I feel the most productive during the night. Not a good habit but I just can't put myself to work during the day. And the amount of work I have these days is huge. Yes, let's whine about it. Spring is here, sun is shining and the last thing we want to do is to write school papers or stand in long lines of the post office to get new parcels.

Back to reality - life is wonderful. And it's going by way too fast. Seems like yesterday I was unpacking boxes in my new apartment in Warsaw and getting ready to meet new classmates. And now I am already planning moving back to my sunny Riviera. Turning back I cannot believe in everything that has happened and still going on. Thinking about all these little steps that brought me to this exact moment - I feel magic. It is almost tangible.
... and then I kind of fell and was done with a serious face expression.


  1. very beautiful post !

  2. Beautiful sunglasses and great shoes :)

  3. i adore these prada sunglasses! :D

  4. These are such a gorgeous orange heels. You look amazing from head to toe!

  5. Nice post and impressive work!!!!

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  6. loving your outfit !

  7. Rocking those jeans, girl! What a stunning figure! :)

    And I love those heels! :D

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