Back to 70s

Hello my dear readers,
It is Sunday evening and the last day of July is coming to an end.  One month of holidays is left for me. I am feeling excited and nervous about the next studying year. It will be the last year of obtaining my Master degree in Internet marketing. On the contrary from my classmates I am not decided about what I want to dedicate my life to after graduating.  For now I am following my heart. It leads me to the French Riviera, one of the most beautiful places on Earth. 

However, my hometown will always be the dearest to me. This look was shot in Kiev yesterday. I am very happy to share my collaboration with Marks & Spencer. More shootings with this brand will follow in the upcoming posts. 

Top, Skirt MARKS & SPENCER / Sneakers TOPSHOP / Bag DIOR
Collaboration supported my Marks & Spencer & Shopping Links


  1. I absolutely adore this look ! xx

  2. I really like 70s style too. Thank you for sharing this look

  3. I love your bag !:)

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