Monaco Yacht Show 2016

Good evening my dear readers,
Today I would like to share something special with you. It is already a second year that the end of September approaching makes my heart beats faster. The only reason for this is the annual Monaco Yacht Show. Since I settled here 3 years ago I have always loved Monaco. But the special atmosphere of the Yacht Show makes the place truly special.

Two years in a raw Ocean Independence invites me to experience the show and to see the yachts presented. This year I enjoyed tender rides, luxury transport thanks to Edel & Stark and so much more. Check out the photos to see all of my activities! 
It was a magical day and I already cannot wait for the Monaco Yacht Show 2017.
Bisous, Anna
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  1. wow! such amazing photos! looks like you had loads of fun :)


  2. Beautiful pictures and you look great :)

  3. Anna, you are looking gorgeous! hope you had a nice time in Monaco xx

  4. You are so pretty with that red dress. Off the shoulder style really suits you. Love your look.

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