Riviera OOTD: 60s Resort

Good evening guys!

Tonight I have a small update on my life in France for you. My settling here turned out to be too long. Finally it is going to finish next week. I cannot wait to spend some calm days on the terrace of my apartment on Cap d'Antibes. However, I will still keep myself busy. This week I am attending an event organised by Printemps. It promises to be really exciting! November will begin with a celebration of my birthday. It will be really nice not to have snow and cold weather during this day for a change. Later on two November trips will follow: Switzerland and Ukraine here I come! One more event in Negresco in the middle of the month is waiting for me as well.
An outfit for today's post is inspired by the 60s era. My collaboration with River Island has enabled me to bring my inspiration to life. I really like these boots for fall season. I started getting tired of a usual lace and needed an edgy dress. Paired it up with pastels. What do you think about the look?

Bisous, Anna

Dress, Boots RIVER ISLAND, Bag PRADA, Sunglasses CELINE


  1. So beautiful! Boots are my fav.


  2. you are so beautiful


  3. Beautiful dress :)

  4. great look! i love the dress

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