A Day with Tadini Monte Carlo

Monaco is a new fashion capital. In a city where luxury lifestyle is a must - an italian luxury brand was born. Last week I was invited to discover the universe of Tadini Monte Carlo. I've spent a wonderful time with Maria-Grazia Tadini, the founder of the brand, Rebecca Tadini and Anastasia Gallé, brand ambassadors. We had lots of fun talking about fashion and shooting gorgeous Tadini bags around the Yacht Club. I am already excited for our future collaboration projects. Keep in touch not to miss them! 

Outfit of the day:
Jacket, Bags, Clutch TADINI MONTE CARLO / Jeans TOPSHOP / Shirt, Boots ZARA


  1. beautiful pictures! i love the pink bag =)

  2. Looks gorgeous! Sounds like a great opportunity!


  3. Great location and beautiful girls !

  4. great work! keep up!

  5. you have a beautiful jacket :)

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