OTTD: Monaco

Good morning,

As you can see I am back to the French Riviera after trips to Switzerland and Ukraine. November went by really fast as it was full of multiple events. My birthday followed by discovering Zurich. Being a judge in ShowIn Mode 2016 fashion show in Negresco in the middle of the month was a truly exciting experience. After having a weekend of rest in my home city I am back to France to finish the semester in Skema Business School and work on several projects for my channels. Christmas starts being on my mind too often lately so it might be the last blog post before I get to blogging about Christmas markets, festive gifts, warm sweaters, scarves and Christmasy red lipsticks. 

Plans for today: visiting Cap 3000 in order to try the creams by Patyka. I have never purchased products of this brand before but I am searching for some new moisturising creams at the moment. That's why I am curious about trying this one. Tonight is the Gala night of Skema, therefore we will drop an eye at the event.
Wishing everybody a wonderful weekend! Bisous, Anna

Outfit of the day:
Jacket, Skirt ZARA / Top H&M / Bag DIOR / Shoes OASIS


  1. nice!! = ]
    i invite to me too

  2. Beautiful look :) Lovely skirt :)

  3. Brilliant styling, You look like a million bucks.
    Share your outfit on my blog.
    Greetings and welcome to me.

  4. obsessed with the shade of your shoes!

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  6. Beautiful & gorgeous. For more details & collection please click here.


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