Christmas Market in Nice

Good evening my dear reader,
Tonight I have a Winter Wonderland: Riviera Edition kind of post. 4 days are left until Catholic Christmas and the whole Internet is crazy about this holiday. Christmas mood is on my mind too. Although holidays will be a bit longer for me than for everybody. I will get back to work only after celebrating my Orthodox Christmas on January 7. 
And the way it is supposed to be - I am home for Christmas. I had a flight from Nice to Kiev and now I am enjoying my childhood apartment. I had such a rough time flying home cause I overestimated my strengths and took too much hand luggage (How could I arrive without presents for everybody?). Felt like a Santa Claus though. Now I am home and it feels like it has never felt before. These months far from home made me miss the place where I belong way too much. It is different for everybody but I am that kind of person who will always prefer home, family and childhood friends to anything else. 
The photos were taken one day before I left the South of France. We went to the Christmas market of Nice with Dorian. It does not feel like true Winter Wonderland as it is +18 degrees outside. But the decorations are quite festive and beautiful. I chose a casual look but went for Christmas colours.

Gentle reminder: This season of love is a perfect occasion to enjoy our time with friends and families, to do things we used to leave for later. *Preparing a cup of tea and settling in front of TV in the living room*
Bisous, Anna

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