Good morning my dear readers,
Today I am sharing an Outfit of the Day type of post with you. This outfit reflects my current mood so well. It gives me a special pleasure when I feel that sharing things on my channels shows another part of true me, my vibes and feelings. Pink is not just a colour, it's an attitude and a view on life. 

I got so excited when once during groceries shopping in Carrefour I stumbled upon hair chalks. 
It is a great fun to be able to change the colour of your hair according to your mood each day! It is another advantage of being a full time blogger, being my own boss. I can make my hair pink and wear a fishnet without caring what others think about it. Gentle reminder to everybody: if something makes you feel special, go for it. 
Bisous, Anna

Outfit of the day:
Top NA-KD (20% OFF discount code: ANNAGOTSYK20)  / Jeans ZARA / Coat OASIS / Fishnet CALZEDONIA / Bag PRADA / Shoes KAZAR / Watch DANIEL WELLINGTON (15% OFF discount code: ANNAGOTSYK15 - valid till March 15)


  1. so cute !! ;-))

    i invite to me too

  2. Great styling combined with heels

  3. i love your hair!!!

  4. Lovely bracelet and I love the handbag too

  5. Beautiful look :)

  6. the coat goes really well with the bag, they match perfectly

  7. Those shoes look amazing! I want to buy them for my wife

  8. It's such a young yet sophisticated look! Very nice!


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