Cinque Terre Trip: Vernazza

Hello guys,
Today I am sharing with you the first part of the photos I took during our road trip to Cinque Terre.
Since I have found out that these beautiful places are so close to where I live I could not wait too long to go there. It took us 4 hours to arrive to Vernazza from Antibes (taking into account some traffic jams around Genova). Before the trip I had read numerous online articles advising not to take a car to Cinque Terre. Luckily we did not listen to them. Although you cannot get by car straight in the city, you can leave it straight next to the entrance. The roads between towns of Cinque Terre are amazingly beautiful. Views on the mountains and the sea are truly breathtaking. So if you are a skilled driver and not afraid of narrow mountain roads take your car to Cinque Terre. In Vernazza we left it next to the entrance to the city for free. The walk from the parking to the sea took us 7-10 minutes.

We had lunch in one of traditional Italian restaurants of the harbour and enjoyed gelato for dessert. There is only one Gelateria of Vernazza there so you won't miss it. 
As this trip wasn't planned in advance all of the good hotels had already been booked in Cinque Terre. I managed to find a place for us in a town called Massa: around 50 mins away. I did not regret the choice later. This happened to be an absolutely cute sea town. We stayed at the hotel in the front line opposite the beach. I won't mention the name as I did not completely enjoy the service, therefore, can't recommend the place to you. However, I totally recommend staying in Massa. It has plenty of hotels in front of the beach. The atmosphere in the town is very pleasant and comforting. We had a good rest and got ready for the next day of discovering Cinque Terre.


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